Conditions for participation in cross-country relay race Vltava Run 2023

Specification of event:

cross-country relay race from Zadov to Prague (hereinafter the "event" or "race")




Vltava Run s.r.o., Bešůvka 810/19, Žebětín, 641 00 Brno, IČO 065 11 473

I. Health condition, controlled substances

When the run is completed, the participant (runner) must follow the instructions of the organizers and other persons who cooperate with the organizer during the event, behave in a way that does not endanger their health, life or property or that of anyone else. The participant confirms that he/she can participate in the event only on condition that he/she will not consume narcotic or psychotropic substances, including drugs with the same or similar effects. Furthermore, the participant confirms that his/her health condition corresponds to the difficulty of the event and that participating in the event poses no health risks.

The participant declares that he / she is aware of the inherent risks of damage or injury that arise from participation in the aforementioned event. All health risks resulting from the participation of the runner in the event are borne by the runner and the organizer is not responsible for them.

The organizer is not responsible for the health condition of the participants or changes to it caused by participation in the event.

II. Safety

The participant declares that he/she will comply with all legal regulations, especially the relevant provisions of Act No. 361/2000 Coll., On Road Traffic (eg Sections 53, 54, 55 and 56 of Act No. 361). / 2000 Coll.). The participant is obliged to complete the race with suitable and necessary equipment and clothing. Event participants will wear reflective vests or wear clothing with reflective accessories at night or that are marked in another suitable way. They will have a headlamp, a flashing warning light on a shoulder or ankle to be recognized by other road users in a timely manner.

The participant is aware that the race is being run during normal conditions and without any restrictions to traffic and the movement of other participants on the road, hiking and all other roads where logging or movement of forestry, logging and agricultural equipment and third parties may occur, and that roads included in the race route may also be blocked by a barrier or otherwise affected or rendered inaccessible by third parties.

The participant acknowledges the recommendation to take out insurance for himself / herself for participation in the race in case of any insured event caused by him / her or in connection with his / her participation in the race, provided that he / she does not use, resp. will not agree with the conclusion of collective insurance claim by participants toward the organizer.

III. Personal data and making audio and video recordings

By registering for the race, the participant grants, in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the protection of personal data, and Act No. 480/2004 Coll., On certain services of an information company, approval with the processing of their personal data by Vltava Run sro, Bešůvka 810/19, Žebětín, 641 00 Brno, ID 065 11 473, as the personal data administrator, for the purpose of evaluation of the race and sending information about the event including other events organized by the organizer indefinitely.

The controller may authorize a third party to process the personal data referred to above. The controller hereby informs the subject of the data and provides him with explicit instruction on the rights arising from Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the protection of personal data, i.e. in particular that the provision of personal data to the controller is voluntary, that the subject of the data has the right to access it, has the right to revoke the above consent at any time in writing at the administrator's address. If the participant wishes to correct personal data processed by the organizer, he / she can ask for it at the postal address above. The participant expressly agrees that his / her personal data will be transferred, if necessary, for the purpose of providing healthcare in connection with the event.

By registering for the event, the participant expressly agrees with the organizer to make and use and disseminate images, images and audio and video recordings of the event participant or his / her personal expressions made during or immediately before or after the event. Acquired materials may be used free of charge to promote the event organizers and event sponsors as well as for informational purposes, without the participant's right to a fee.

Furthermore, the organizer is entitled to pass on the personal data provided to the authorized person who ensures the timing and evaluation of the race results.

IV. Further Arrangements

The participant is aware that participation in the Event is at his own risk and that the Event Organizer and those who cooperate with the organizer are not liable for any damage or injury to the participant or other persons caused by Participation in the Event.

Any damage caused by the participant in connection with the event to the organizer or other persons shall be compensated by the participant at his/her own energy and expense. The participant is not entitled to claim any financial performance from the Event organizer or to make any other claims in the event of any injury or other damage suffered by the participant in connection with participation in the Event. The organizer of the Event is not responsible in any way for things left or used by the participant. The organizer is not responsible in any way for the condition of the race track, its surface, operation or any other circumstances not directly provided by the Event organizer.

The participant will fully respect and obey the instructions of the race organizer, technical and track supervisors, or other persons involved in the race’s organization, as well as state authorities and officials, if issued within the scope of their authority.

The organizer has the right to exclude or disqualify any participant in violation of the terms of this declaration as well as any participant whose behavior could endanger the safe course of the event or the safety of other participants or other persons.

The organizer reserves the right to amend or modify the rules of the race or to cancel the race at any time before the start of the event, without giving any reasons and providing compensation. Such a decision is effective from the date of its publication on

By registering for the race you agree to the conditions for participation in the race, as stated above.