Frequently asked questions

Where exactly does Vltava Run 2024 start?
What do you mean by a “reflective vest” in the mandatory car equipment? Is it a running vest or the vest that is part of the mandatory car equipment? Is apparel with reflective elements sufficient?

According to the rules of Vltava Run, it is mandatory to wear the compulsory night equipment from 6 pm to 6 am, i.e. mainly reflective vest or its below-described replacement. This is for the runners’ safety, as you’ll be running on roads as well. “Being seen” can save your life, so don’t forget to put at least two vests in each car.

During the day, each runner has to wear a T-shirt in a bold, reflective colour or a reflective vest/suspenders, so that they are visible to other users of roads. At night, from 6 pm to 6 am, each runner has to wear a reflective vest/suspenders, a headlamp and a flashing light on the arm. Failure to wear this visible apparel and equipment or required safety elements will be penalized.

How about handoffs? Is there some kind of relax zone at the handoff area where runners who finished their legs can get some sleep or is this up to each runner?

As the number of runners in the teams is not determined, the handoff points where team cars can arrive are not determined yet either. Along the course, there will be places with some facilities for the runners, and the instructions will inform you about nearby camping sites or tips on where to sleep. This is up to each team to decide.

Which types and combinations of team cars are allowed?
  • 3 passenger cars with 5 seats

  • 2 passenger cars with 7-9 seats

  • 1 passenger car with 5 seats and 1 passenger car with 7-9 seats

At most, each team may use three passenger cars with a maximum of five seats or two passenger cars with 7+ seats. Minibuses, buses, and trailers are not allowed. It is recommended to use two cars per team to transport the remaining team members between handoff points.

How do the two cars per team work?

It is recommended to use two passenger cars per team. Divide the team into two groups: while one group runs the designated legs, accompanied by one car, the other group in the other car travels ahead to the point that the other group (car) will take over so they can rest and prepare for their legs. At that handoff point, groups (cars) will swap roles.

When are team cars allowed to arrive in the handoff parking lot?

The cars are allowed to arrive in the handoff parking lot no sooner than 20 minutes prior to the expected arrival of the runner.

How should the team cars be marked during the race?

During the entire race, all the team cars need to be visibly marked by the parking card assigned to them (part of the starting pack). If they fail to observe this rule, the organizer may expel them from the assigned parking lot at handoff points. Also, the driver’s mobile phone number must be clearly visible on the parking card.

And how about parking at the finish?

Each car shall be assigned a parking spot around the HAMR sports centre. The locations of the spots will be announced after all the teams provide their number of cars. The cars shall park at the spots assigned and will not be allowed to enter any other parking lot.

Will there be refreshment points arranged by the organizer along the course?

There is no system of refreshment points along the course; the points are taken care of by our partners and local organizers. Arranging food and drinks is primarily up to the teams.

Is the course marked or is this an orienteering race?

In the team management section, you can download race instructions and the route of individual legs. All the routes can be downloaded in GPX format and uploaded to your mobile phones. Vltava Run is not an orienteering race and the course shall be marked with arrows and tape as well as reflective signs at night. Also, the organizers shall be present at certain spots to help with navigation.

How to register other team members?

Log in to the For the Captain (Pro kapitána) section and click on “Add member” (Přidat člena) in the upper right. Fill out all the required details in order to add the runner to your list. The list needs to be finalized by March 23.

What’s the minimum number of runners?

The minimum number of runners per team is six; the maximum number is 12.

How many kilometres will one runner run?

This depends on the number of runners in the team. Ideally, with 12 runners on the team, each runner shall run around 30 kilometres.

How fit should I be to finish Vltava Run successfully?

You should definitely prepare for the race 😊 And you should be able to run ten kilometres with 250 metres of elevation gain in under 60 minutes.

What does the starting fee buy me?
  • functional T-shirt by the Swedish brand Craft with a vintage motive Vltava Run 2024

  • printed race instructions and schedule to each car

  • Vltava Run logo sticker for each car in the team

  • parking card for the team car with the number of the car, also to be used to park the car at the finish

  • 30% discount from retail prices of selected Craft products, 20% discount of selected Sony products at

  • team number and ID bands for the runners

  • relay chip with GPS - timekeeping and results service

  • relay belt

  • team of over 500 organizers along the entire course of the race

  • facilities at the start and finish (toilets, showers)

  • toilets at the handoff areas

  • night facilities (a place to sleep, toilets, showers) at Hluboká nad Vltavou, at the Sports Hall in Týn nad Vltavou and Vrané nad Vltavou

  • maps with the race legs in GPX format (for runners and cars)

  • medical staff along the entire race course

Can each team member pay the starting fee individually if they use the team name as the variable symbol (VS)?

Please pay the entire starting fee as a single sum for the whole team to make it easier for us to pair the payments. Also, don’t forget to provide the VS.

Are there any limitations concerning participation in the race?

Recommended time to run 10 kilometres is 60 minutes at most. Runners older than 18, or 15 years with a parent on the team. General fitness.

What if a member of the team gets injured?

If a runner cannot continue in the race due to an injury, they will be replaced by any runner from the team on the very spot where the injury took place, while still respecting Rule No. 7.

Concerning the order in which the runners run within the team, is it up to the team to decide?

The order must be determined by the captain in the team management section of the website by April 24. There are two requirements: a runner must not run two legs in a row and each runner in the team has to run at least one leg before the second round of legs begins. Please find the complete wording in Rule No. 8.

There are four girls on our team, and they’d like to avoid running at night or running the most difficult legs. Can we do something about it?

This makes sense. Last year some teams brought a bicycle to accompany the girls on their legs, and this can be done this year as well. However, not all the legs are suitable for a bicycle, as you can encounter tree roots, steps, and similar obstacles. Also, the bicycle must never serve as a pacer, i.e. it must always ride behind the runner, never ahead of or next to the runner.

Concerning assigning the legs to individual runners, please see the race instructions and schedule where you can find out the difficulty coefficient for each leg. Based on this information you can decide with respect to the fitness of each runner.

The final race course for Vltava Run 2024 will be announced only at the start or at some point in advance?

The route of individual legs will be provided to the team captains during April 2024, together with the race schedule and instructions. All the routes will be available for download in GPX format as well. However, we’d like to reserve the right to modify the race course if needed. We’ll keep you informed about all modifications and provide updated routes.

Do we need to determine the order in which the runners will run before registering or can we change it later?

It’s not necessary. The order at which the runners will run can be changed/updated until April 24.

Who is the “not running captain” (neběžící kapitán) in the team management?

This position was created for teams whose captain does not actually run the race but works as a coach or a driver or accompanies the team, etc.

At the start of the race, is it necessary for the entire team to be present or is it sufficient if only the captain comes?

On Friday May 10, from 4 to 9 pm, when teams are presented for the race, the captain (or their deputy) needs to be present, as they will hand over the declarations signed by all the team members and receive the starting pack, i.e. no need for the entire team to arrive. The declarations will become available in the captain section prior to the race.

If you want to ask a question or need more information, feel free to contact us at or +420 731 261 903.