Květa, Míša, Láďa, Jája and Barney. 5 brave ones. This group prepares the race for you from A to Z and tries to deliver an unforgettable sports experience every year!


The first lady in charge and the person who brought Vltava Run to life. Květa stood at the first map of the first race and since then she has been the heart, body, and soul of the whole race. She may not be as outwardly audible as other team members, but without her, you wouldn't have made it to the start line.


Energetic Slovak blood, for whom every problem is a challenge. Although Míša was not at the birth of Vltava Run, she is a big heartthrob today. She is the driving force behind the obstacles that come our way from time to time. Míša mainly handles the production side of the race and is the number one person for our partners.


Our technical guru and production right-hand man. He runs the route to make sure you have the right *.gpx data, handles technical stuff from getting the site working properly to sending out newsletters, is your team's liaison, and is ready to pick up the phone day and night (well, from 10 am to 6 pm;)). Plus, he's the calmest guy and nothing fazes him, which is very useful in a group full of women.


Master of communication and organization, that's our Jája! She is the first contact for the media and is in charge of the communication of our partners, where her main mission is the satisfaction of both parties and especially the benefit of all race participants. What's more, she has lived right on the Vltava River since she was a little girl, so she is a purebred offspring!