race date:



Ski stadium Zadov - Churáňov, Šumava, May 11th, at daybreak.


Hamr Braník, May 12h, in the afternoon

  • relay race of over 360 kilometres

  • teams with 12 runners at most

  • 36 legs

  • handoff points designated by the organizer


  • A - mix 10–12 runners (both sexes)

  • B - 6 - 9 běžců bez rozdílu pohlaví

  • C - women's category


  • Recommended time for a 10-kilometre run in recent years for each runner is 60 minutes at most. When registering, please provide an actual time for a 10-kilometre trail run with an elevation difference around 250 metres. Based on this data, a start list will be drawn up and times designated during which individual handoffs will be opened and closed.

  • Minimum age for each runner is 18 years; minimum age of 15 years only with a parent’s written approval and while having one of the parents a member of the same team (as of the start of the race).

  • state of health (runners participate in the race at their own risk)