YEAR 2014

Despite unfavourable weather, lots of runners participated in the first Vltava Run. And we saw an excellent mood and atmosphere as well as amazing performances by all the runners!

What did it look like and what do the runners say about the race?


“I was looking forward to it like crazy, and the actual run exceeded my expectations by like 100%. I don’t think the emotions I am feeling now can be put into words.”


“The race was so fantastic that it’s really hard to describe to people who haven’t participated. The mood in the team, both fair-play and a bit competitive, was just perfect. We supported everybody, and they supported us in return. Amazing.”


“Just like my husband said today: Vltava Run is still circulating in my veins. Running down to Český Krumlov, full of sunshine? Anybody can do that. But to still enjoy it when it’s pouring rain? Simply exceptional.”


“We run marathons and half-marathons all over the world, but I’ll never forget the things we experienced this weekend. I still feel goosebumps all over my body, and tears in my eyes.”


“What an event! Great organization, excellent crew, amazing atmosphere among the runners, new friendships. See you again next year for sure!”


“We’ve done it and are proud to be the very first team to finish it with only six members. And we’re going to do it again next year!”


“There’s nothing to add. An absolutely unique and amazing event, and the organizers took care of every single detail.”

And some more reactions from Facebook:

We’d like to thank all the participants and believe that on May 16-17, 2015, we’ll enjoy Vltava Run 2015!