Do you want to try a caravan holiday in the Czech Republic or even Europe? 

Come and see the car that Karavany Česko lent us for the entire duration of the Vltava Run event. The car accommodates the race production team with Míša Králová. They leave the start together with you and will wait for you at the finish line of the race. 

Karavany Česko is one of the largest motorhome rental companies in the Czech Republic. It rents the cars fully equipped, so you only need to pack a backpack with the most important things and the adventure can begin! In the cars, you will find everything from camping equipment, a grill, bicycles, to clean bed linen, towels, and a fully equipped kitchen with a gas stove.

Europe in the palm of your hand

As the only company in Europe, it offers, among other things, one-way rental, i.e. from place to place within the whole of Europe. How does it work in practice? If you want to travel the north of Europe, but don't want to spend days crossing into Norway, you can choose to pick up the car in Oslo and the company will bring the car directly to the airport. You can then return it almost anywhere. There are countless possible combinations.

Caravany Česká is also a pioneer in motorhome rentals in the Canary Islands, where it brought its vehicles for the first time in the fall of 2021. The event was a great success for two seasons, which is why clients will also be able to spend this fall and winter on Tenerife or another of the many islands.

Discover the magic of caravanning in the summer by the sea or in the winter on skis and travel Europe with Caravans Česko!