Time runs faster than the Vltava through Šumava, so we’re proud to announce – it’s here!

Let’s run out towards the sunrise or into the black of night, through deep woods and green pastures… all for the tenth time! Just us and our determination, with a team of buddies covering our backs. Above all, though, let’s do it together at the tenth Vltava Run!

You don’t want to miss it! Want to make sure registration goes smoothly and take advantage of starting for companies? Read on to find out about all that matters. Three, two, TEN, start!

Vltava Run 2023 We are pretty sure that this major date is already highlighted in your calendar. Just to make absolutely sure, let us remind you – the special tenth Vltava Run will take place May 13–14, 2023.

How to register as a regular team?

Highlight the magical date of 10/10/2022 in your calendar! At 10 am, the registration with a capacity of 300 teams will begin. More information here

  • Starting fee: 23,000 CZK

  • Due date: 10/15/2022 at the latest (or within 5 working days following the registration)

Starting fee for teams

The basic starting fee for teams is 23,000 CZK. and it buys you a great race, superb services from our team, and lots of other benefits:

1)Functional T-shirt by the Swedish brand Craft with a Vltava Run 2023 motif.
2)Printed race information for each team car.
3)Vltava Run logo sticker for each team car.
4)Parking card for team cars for hand-off points and the finish line.
5)Starting numbers for the team and ID bands for the runners.
6)Relay chip and GPS, timer, and results.
7)App to predict how the run is going.
8)30% discount on all retail-priced Craft products, 20% discount for SONY products as well as at and
9)Team of over 500 organizers along the entire route and hand-off coordination. 10)Facilities at the start as well as finish (toilets, showers).
11)Toilets at the hand-off points.
12)Night facilities (lodging, toilets, showers) in Hluboká nad Vltavou, in a sports hall in Týn nad Vltavou, and in Vrané nad Vltavou.
13)Maps of individual legs in gpx for runners as well as cars.
14)Medical services along the entire route.

Starting fee for companies

Interested in an amazing teambuilding while promoting your company? That’s what we call a professional win-win. Go talk to your boss and register for the company starting fee to gain all the benefits listed here

How to register as a company team?

Company teams may register only via email sent to

The above-mentioned offer expires on 9/30/2022.

The preregistration needs to be paid by 9/30/2022 or else the registration expires.

The last ten years have taught us a lot about organizing a race. And even though we don’t know what will happen in the next decade, one thing is for sure – it can’t be done without the great runners like you! Looking forward to seeing you and almost as excited as little Emil Zátopek!

Your Vltava Run Team