Well, the registration for another Vltava Run is finally here. Time does fly, right? 

On the magical date of 11/1, you'll be able to register for a run through the magical landscape along the Vltava and enjoy QUITE AN EXPERIENCE. During the day, at night, at sundown as well as sunrise, in the rain and under the clear, blue sky. Fatigue and joy, pushing your limits, and enjoying the finish line together with your team…

Just as excited as we are? In that case, here’s a summary of what to do to smoothly register, plus all the information about company starting fees. Ready? Let’s go 😊

Vltava Run 2024

Just like last time, we’ll meet in May in Šumava, on May 11-12, 2024, to be precise.

Team registration

On 11/1 at 11 am, registration starts with a capacity of 300 teams.

This year, the starting fee for teams is 25,200 CZK (which is easy to divide by 12, 9 or 6, as needed 😊).

The starting fee covers our excellent race, the hard work of our team as well as lots of other benefits such as:

  • A functional T-shirt by Swedish company Craft Craft with the Vltava Run 2024 design

  • Printed race instructions for every car

  • A Vltava Run sticker for each team car

  • Parking cards for team cars to park at hand-off zones and the finish line

  • Race numbers for the team and ID bands for the runners

  • A relay chip and GPS, timer, and processing of the results

  • An app to predict how the race will go

  • A 30% discount on retail prices of products by Craft at and

  • Team of over 500 organizers along the entire route and well-organized hand-off zones

  • Facilities at the start and finish (toilets, showers)

  • Toilets at hand-off zones

  • Facilities (a place to sleep, toilets, showers) in Hluboká nad Vltavou, in a sports hall in Týn nad Vltavou, and in Vrané nad Vltavou

  • Maps of individual legs in gpx for both runners and cars

  • Medical assistance along the entire route

Starting fee for companies

A teambuilding you’ll never forget plus a great way to promote your company? Hard to resist, right? 😊

Go talk to your boss and register for a company starting fee to get a lot of benefits. And what are they? Just see this summary we’ve prepared for you.

The company registration can be done only via the active prolink in this offer by October 30, 2023, at the latest (and the same deadline applies to the payment of the starting fee).

Each Vltava Race is unique, but one thing remains the same – the race is only what you runners make of it. It is what it is thanks to you, and we’re already looking forward to the eleventh Vltava Race 😊 

Your Vltava Run team