T-shirts 2024 edition

personalized printing is now possible in the Captain's section 👍

Until March 21, you can get creative and get your team original versions of the Vltava Run annual T-shirts.  Logo, team name, or even just an image closest to your running heart - it's up to you.

How to place the order correctly?

  1. First, enter the LIST and fill in all the required information, including t-shirt sizes for ALL TEAM MEMBERS.

  2. The ORDER must be made FOR THE ENTIRE TEAM.

  3. Choose the print on the back of the CRAFT T-shirts. You can have your team name or logo reprinted. If you do not order a personalized print, you will have the hashtag #vltavarun, which is included in the entry fee.

  4. Then you SEND the entire ORDER. You have time until 17 March including. When you submit your order, you will lock in the ability to change the shirt size and gender of the runner.