YEAR 2013

On June 22-23, 2013, we went for a test run thanks to a group of excited volunteers. And these are their reactions after the run.


“Perfect, beautiful, amazing air, nobody around. And Šumava is all yours…”


“Awesome! I guess I’ll start running again :)”


“The way I see it… I haven’t done any running in five years, but now I’ve decided to start again. Let me see my average pace… Well, I’m going to run twice as fast.”


“I feel great. I’m a bit tired and hope that Martin will enjoy it just like I did because it was definitely worth it!”

And on behalf of us, the organizers, I can only confirm how amazing it was; when you see people enjoy it, happy to see what they achieved and how they supported the team, full of endorphins, sharing their experiences, already planning next year’s run… Then you know that what you’re doing is meaningful. So see you next year! VLTAVA RUN 17-18/5/2014.