Vltava Run 2024: So That Nothing But Memories Remain

Every year, we strive to minimize our footprint in nature while intensifying your experience. This year, we've decided to theme the event #nothingbutmemories, aiming to collectively make the race even better by leaving behind only memories, not footprints. And not just in the minds of runners and organizers but also in the communities we pass through. We wish for the only traces left in the Vltava landscape to be those from running shoes.

The Vltava River and its surroundings have accompanied us for over 10 years. Thanks to our partners and the strong will of organizers and runners like you, we believe we're giving back as much as we take. However, there's always room for improvement. So join us in exploring steps to better and more efficiently care for the Vltava and its surroundings. As we do, let's also take better care of ourselves so that only pleasant memories remain.

Trash Minimalism
Sporting #trashfree
Use Twice, Throw Away Once
Sharing is Caring
Strength in Collaboration
Sleep Where You Can
Safety on the Trail and on the Road
See and Be Seen
The Vltava is Beautiful Thanks to You

Trash Minimalism

We strive for only footprints, not waste, in the Vltava River basin. Therefore, after each race, we diligently clean the entire route and its surroundings, collecting all waste. You can also help us with this activity. Are you in?

3 Tips for a Genuine #nothingbutmemories Experience

#1 Tidiness Above All
During the race, there will be more than enough waste generated, from tissues to protein bar wrappers. Utilize those handy pockets or your backpack to temporarily store them. Dispose of them permanently in the nearest bin afterward.

#2 Trash is Just Trash
Don't be indifferent. Trash from others will mar the Vltava landscape as much as if it fell out of your own pocket. So, take a moment to pick it up. Those 5 seconds surely won't ruin your pace. Plus, the joy from a good deed might boost you more than an energy gel. GIve it a try and see for yourself!

#3 Recycle Like a Boss
Recycling is necessary. So make sure to remember that after finishing your leg of the race. The Vltava countryside will thank you for it. You'll also find inspiration on the Samosebou website, where you can learn what goes where and other interesting facts about recycling.

We'll facilitate waste collection by providing waste bags for you to place in each car. And what then? At exchange points, there are sorting stations where you can carefully sort and place all waste.

Sporting #trashfree

Such an extensive race can be taxing for nature. That’s why we've committed to the Trash-Free sports initiative, aiming to reduce our overall environmental impact by adhering to their 8 recommended steps.

What steps will help us and you sport trashfree?

  • Recycling

  • Reducing single-use plastics

  • Minimizing carbon footprint

  • Digitalization

  • Public education

  • No more food waste

  • Reusable equipment

  • Green energy

We're working hard to incorporate as many steps from the list as possible. But Vltava Run isn't just about us. Get involved in the Trash-Free initiative as an individual or a whole company. Choose one or even all 8 steps and try to implement them. You can think of it as a personal/company challenge. Forget about what your pedometer tells you; these are the (sustainability) steps that truly count.

Map your journey toward greater sustainability on social media and tag your posts with #bezdopadu. Let's inspire each other.

Use Twice, Throw Away Once

Despite what the consumer world tells you, you don't have to buy a new item right away. Before something ends up in the bin, consider whether it truly needs to be discarded. Could it be repaired easily? Used differently? Can someone else make use of it? Waste minimization is about preventing as much waste as possible. That's the cornerstone to build from.

How to minimize waste?

  • Buy items that are long-lasting and can be used repeatedly.

  • Try to use the item as much as possible.

  • If the item is truly beyond use, dispose of it in the appropriate bin or container.

Yes, we know what you're thinking. What about those dreaded plastics and PET bottle nightmares? They're not inherently bad, but the problem lies in how we treat them as disposable. Give them a second, third, 35th life. For instance, the bottles from Rajec spring water, which you'll receive at the start, can be refilled at refreshment stations along the route. And after the race, you can properly recycle them so they can be reprocessed to serve as new water bottles.

Sharing is Caring

The phrase might seem a bit cliché in today's world, but few places embody it like ours. We're grateful to have CAR4WAY as our car partner, specializing in car sharing. As the old saying goes, the best car is the one you don't have to buy. And it's absolutely true! A shared car doesn't require servicing, insurance payments, or the hassle of figuring out where to park it. Plus, you can choose the size you need – a sedan for a long weekend or a van for moving. You can borrow a shared car right off the street in Prague or Brno and return it anywhere there.

Moreover, with CAR4WAY, you'll get a 15% discount on seven-seater Caddy and Touran or 10% on an eight-seater Caravelle, which will surely come in handy during the race weekend. Or with a new registration, the code VLTAVARUN will get you 30 minutes free!

Strength in Collaboration

We pass through many cities and villages, so we're grateful that local residents and communities treat the race like a sports festival. Some contribute in unique ways – grilling sausages, roasting pork, or serving soup at 3 am at exchange points, experiences you can only have at Vltava Run.

There's annual cooperation with individual villages and towns in organizing the race, which requires setting up relay exchange points. We want Vltava Run to support the communities along the route. We don't have organizational teams moving during the race; instead, we involve locals. Today, we have a team of over 500 great helpers whose work improves every year – and we appreciate their efforts. You can evaluate them yourself while voting for the best handoff point – it'll make them very happy!

You, runners, can also help us maintain a friendly atmosphere on the trail and good relations with communities and locals during and after the race. Wondering how?

  • Use only official toilets. You'll find portable toilets at every handoff point.

  • Park only in designated parking areas. Respect local signage and village paths. Don't block access roads.

  • Respect quiet hours – cheering is welcome, but save the horns and shouting for the daytime, okay? :-)

  • Clean up after yourselves, disposing of all waste.

It might seem like common sense. But believe us, every year we receive complaints about littering here and there or someone not being able to access their driveway. So let's do better! So no one has a single reason to complain this year, agreed?

Sleep Where You Can

One of the beautiful yet harsh aspects of Vltava Run is gratefully grabbing any possible place to catch a few rare minutes of sleep. While doing so, please don't forget about your safety!

  • NEVER sleep between cars. Some cars can leave unexpectedly, and an approaching vehicle might not see you either.

  • If you're sleeping in nature, choose spots where you won't harm the local plants or wildlife.

  • Always tidy up your outdoor accommodation afterwards. Make sure the only traces of your camping under the stars are photos and memories.

Safety on the Trail and on the Road

Anyone who has completed at least one Vltava Run knows that it's not just about how fast you run. Car transfers are equally important.

Hundreds of team cars whiz around the route (and sometimes directly on it) to be on time for the relay exchange. Let's be honest; it's often nerve-wracking. Runners move unpredictably along the route, and inside each car there's a team of tired and often drowsy passengers – and everyone is worried about time. So resist the temptation to turn into a road pirate, and save the fast and furious driving for another time (ideally never). Drive Respect the rules of the road, and your reward will not only be minimal risk of injury but perhaps even a year of free travel insurance. Just download the KOOPILOT app and enter the promo code VLTAVARUN.

See and Be Seen

Just because you can see a car from a distance doesn't mean it can see you. While running, don't rely solely on your sharp vision; also rely on essential safety features. Ideally, use active lighting (like EquiRay, which shines up to 3 km!), SILVA headlamps, and reflective elements. And as runners, always run on the left so that oncoming vehicles don't surprise you and, more importantly, so that you don't surprise them!

Taking Care of Yourself

Now you know how to ensure that #nothingbutmemories remain, how to be considerate of the Vltava's nature, how to keep the locals happy, and how to ensure your safety. But don't forget about your wellbeing throughout all of this. You'll enjoy the race best when both your body and mind are in good condition. That's why, in collaboration with our partners, we've prepared some fantastic bonuses for you.

  • Functional clothing from CRAFT, which perfectly wicks away sweat and is a reliable companion in adverse conditions. All runners will receive a 30% discount on CRAFT products at the TOP4RUNNING e-shop.
    For a safe ride, don't forget to download the KOOPILOT app from Kooperativa and participate in a contest for various prizes, including a full year of travel insurance.

  • A 10% discount at BENU for the first purchase through the app. Interested in how to equip a travel first aid kit? You'll find out everything here.

  • Shampoo from Tomáš Arsov. You'll find it in the starter kit, along with a discount code. As runners, you'll get a 20% discount at their online store with the code VLTAVARUN.

  • You'll get much-needed energy from biscuits and other delicacies that you'll find in your starting pack. You can get an idea of what to expect by browsing the brands listed in the PARTNER section of our website.

  • To stay smelling fresh throughout the race, your starting pack includes great products from Unilever. And we definitely recommend purchasing a SMELL WELL because their scented shoe pillows are worth their weight in gold! Use the code VLTAVARUN for a 15% discount on everything.

  • Each car will receive Cold Brew tea from LEROS. And we'll treat all caffeine lovers to a cup of delicious Café Reserva coffee at the start and finish.

  • To help with proper regeneration, there are micronutrients from PILLAR Performance. Don't forget the magnesium, which significantly contributes to better sleep. You'll get a discount on everything.

  • Before, during, or after the race, Kine-MAX tape comes in handy, and with the code VR24, you'll get a 20% discount until the end of the year.

  • To make sure you stay seen at night, visit the EQUIRAY online store and you can use the code NICMENEZASTAVI for a 10% discount on all their products.

  • You can rent a car for the race according to your preferences from CAR4WAY. You'll find out how in our news update.

Before you start running, don't forget to install the Záchranka app. This unbelievable app has been saving lives in the Czech Republic for 8 years now! We sincerely hope no one will need it, but as the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

The Vltava is beautiful, thanks to you

We're saving the best for last. We must thank those without whom the Vltava Run wouldn't even have its name. Everyone in the Vltava Basin tirelessly cares for the river and its surroundings every day, and it's thanks to them that we can enjoy this natural gem in all its beauty! Thank you.