What to be sure not to forget and what to look forward to?

It's here! On Friday we will see you at the start and then after 360 km in legs, hundreds of kilometres and countless experiences we will meet triumphantly at the finish line!


Traditionally, a CHECK-IN of all teams takes place on the Friday before the race, i.e. on 10 May from 4 to 9 pm. You will find us easily, we will be in beautiful blue gazebos custom made by REDX :-) 

Prepare a "Declaration of Participation in the Race" form signed by all team members and hand it in on the staff. You can find it in the captain's section.

On Saturday, stop by the tracker stand 15 minutes before your scheduled start time, where for a deposit of 500 CZK (exactly, please!) you will receive a magic box that will allow you to see in our VR app where everyone is on the course and when you can expect them at the handover. Friends and family cheering from home will also be able to see you. 

Trackers are a must-have this year and every runner needs to have it with him/her on track!

Pick up a pack of Rajec spring water and cakes from PEKÁRNA KABÁT for the whole team at the check-in.


At Friday's race check-in, take the unique opportunity to get your picture taken as a team at the start - compare it to the photo at the finish line, let's see which photo makes you feel better? 


In the centre of all the action this year will be an open fire (yes, the fire brigade will be on site!) and the opportunity to roast a saussage. There will also be a snack stall, so you don't have to quickly look for an open refreshment place when you arrive in Zadov :-) 


Next to the stand with trackers you will traditionally find our MERCH tent with a wide range of Vltava Run items. T-shirts, magnets, glasses, caps, headbands, goggles...and more at great prices!

You know how it goes - take your pick and we'll gladly trade it for cash.

You can have us exchange a T-shirt that's too small, too big, or otherwise doesn't fit. The only condition is that you have not had a personalised print made - unfortunately you cannot exchange these. 


If you forget an item of clothing or equipment at home, don't panic. CRAFT will be ready! CRAFT, SILVA, HAGLÖFS, and new items from the road and trail running collections will be available for sale. In addition, you can try on running shoes! SILVA headlamps will also be available for rent at the stand - first come, first served.

There will be a chill-ouz zone and a CRAFT bed zone.

There will also be a sale at the finish line where you can return the headlamps you may have borrowed.


Both at the start and at the finish you will appreciate the stall with fresh quality coffee prepared by experienced baristas. They will also be happy to prepare LEROS or Dilmah tea for you.

For coffee, tea or just for fun there will be various goodies, such as FIDORKA, TUC, BEBE, FIGARO, HALLS, KOLONÁDA, MILKA, TATRANKA, 7DAYS, CROISSANT, OREO. 


Physiotherapists have been arranged for the start on Friday and the finish on Sunday. You will be in good hands! A joint initiative of the ESTEVA Rehabilitation Centre and Kine-MAX will focus on providing medical support, including the following benefits:

  • Free consultation with a physiotherapist regarding health conditions, including examination and follow-up recommendations

  • Free taping, which can significantly contribute to better performance, recovery and minimise the risk of injury

  • If time permits and long queues do not arise, the specialists are ready to offer extended treatment or special preparation for the race for individual competitors.


For this year, we have rearranged the finish a little bit so that all activities have plenty of space, you have a nice view of the river from the podium and we have created a central chill-out zone with refreshment stands. At the finish line there will be a DJ from Red Bull and our two nice moderators - Radek Hrdina and Jirka Vondra. 


You will run the final 100m together as one team with beautiful handmade (thanks to the Faculty of Wood and Forestry of the Czech Agricultural University!) medals around your neck - you will pick them up after the run from the cycle path behind the railway bridge before the finishing straight. Together you will then cross the finish line and we will immortalize you in the finish photo. But don't stay too long in the gate area so that we can give the same service to all teams :-) 

After you finish the race, jump on the Vltava River Basin pier and have your photo taken by a professional photographer as a souvenir, with the Vltava Run sign and the river behind your back. 


Right after you finish, don't forget to stop by the production booth to return your medal number carabiner and tracker. For the returned deposit of 500 CZK you can continue to the Vltava Run merch stand and buy something from the Vltava Run collection or a spare T-shirt :-) 


As usual, we will be announcing 3 categories: teams 9-12, 6-9 and female teams. The announcement is scheduled for about 6 pm, depending on when the winners will reach the finish line. 👍


This year it will be worth it at the finish line! You won't be hungry or thirsty, and we're sure you'll be salivating after reading this. 

🥤 Refreshment stand with spring water Rajec, Cafe Reserva and Leros teas.

🍺 There will be refreshingly delicious Pilsner Urquell beverages on tap :-) 

🍔 As for food, you can look forward to goodies from Ambiente - hamburger from Burger Service and cronuts from Myšák,

🌭There will be the traditional Dog'n'Roll, Mek and Chiz food truck and this year newly grilled chicken.

🥞Novelty for this year are also pancakes, Krafe u Kafe and Bakery Kabát with the opportunity to buy, right on the spot pulled out of the oven, cookies.💙 


Don't forget to stop by our partners' booths, where you will be able to win something, try lots of things, get measured and, most importantly, enjoy the finishing atmosphere in the best company :-) 

We look forward to seeing you all at the start or at the finish! 

The whole Vltava Run team and our head of security Barney .