Dare to say it with a T-shirt!

Personalize your T-shirts in the Captains section

Dear runners,

until March 17th, great things are happening in the captain's section. You can get a personalized t-shirt printed for your entire team. Do you want to show with your name or logo which team you run for? Now is the time!

How to place the order correctly?

  1. First, enter the LIST and fill in all the required information, including t-shirt sizes for ALL TEAM MEMBERS.

  2. The ORDER must be made FOR THE ENTIRE TEAM.

  3. Choose the print on the back of the CRAFT T-shirts. You can have your team name or logo reprinted. If you do not order a personalised print, you will have the hashtag #vltavarun, which is included in the entry fee.

  4. Then you SEND the entire ORDER. You have time until 17 March including. When you submit your order, you will lock in the ability to change the shirt size and gender of the runner.

There are no limits to originality and fantasy. Dare to say it with a T-shirt! :)


Part of the data to be filled in for each runner is their 10k time. Accurate times are essential for a smooth race. It will allow us to plan the overall route, get your team in the right order, and not hold you up on a crowded or unbuilt handover. Yes, we have such experiences too! ?

To give you an undisturbed experience this year, we need you to know two times from each runner:

  1. Time of 10k with 250m elevation gain: The time you have entered every year so far.

  2. Time of 10 km on flat routes: New this year!

And who is properly prepared is rewarded as deserved – last year we rewarded 5 most accurate teams with pre-registration. And that counts! So, will your team be among the winners this year? ?


And that's not all! We are preparing a lot more news for the 10th anniversary year:

  • At least 2 new handovers and a new running track 16. Plešovice – Boršov nad Vltavou

  • We are preparing a new tracking feature for you, which you will appreciate in the team :-)

  • We have great partners – new and existing ones, which we will gradually introduce to you and you will gain a lot of benefits from it!

  • You can look forward to cool Vltava merch that will be available on the website www.top4running.cz

  • In short, it will be a great running party! Do you have any requests to make? Let us know!

We are diligently preparing for the 10th year because those who are properly prepared are not caught off guard. Preparation is the key! :-) And we'll keep you supplied with tips on how to prepare, to enjoy the race as much as possible.

SAVE THE DATE: Put March 15 on your calendars, because there will be an online captain's meeting in the early evening.