Do you know what you will drive?

Dear Captains,

Sunday, March 31 is the last day to add team cars and enter the delivery address where your entry package will arrive.

Rules for cars: You can use a maximum of three five-seater passenger cars of the size of a Škoda Octavia Combi for your team, or two seven- and multi-seater cars for a maximum of 9 people. Excluded from the race are minibuses, buses and caravans. 

Our recommendation is to have two cars available to move team members between transfer points - plus it's more team fun :-)

Address for the entry package: In order for the starter package to find its way to you, choose the address where you can be reached by the GLS courier (during the day). Don't forget to enter your phone number so they can contact you.

Invoice for personalization: If you want us to issue the invoice for the personalization of T-shirts, please also request this in the captain's section before the end of March.

Thank you in advance for meeting the deadlines and providing all the information. 

OUR TIP: Not sure what you'll be driving yet? 

Rent a car from our partner CAR4WAY with a 15% discount on 7-seater cars (VW Caddy and VW Touran) or 10% discount on 8-seater VW Caravelle for the whole race weekend!

To claim your discount, e-mail or call 601 311 110. You must always quote the password VLTAVARUN! 

You can also use the classic carsharing service and just get a car on the street. All new registrations on CAR4WAY get 30 minutes free after entering the code VLTAVA RUN!