Green light for safety

Your safety matters!

And that's also if you're just flying through your section in the race. Our partner insurance company Kooperativa has security under its thumb, but we all still have to join forces, because that's the only way the race will be comfortable and smooth. Take a look at the safety ten, in which Kooperativa has prepared 10 tips for you to ensure peace of mind and safety when running. :) In it you will learn that:

  1. 1. Shoes matter

  2. 2. How to find a balance in your clothing

  3. 3. Visibility first

  4. 4. See and hear the world

  5. 5. Don't skip warm-ups

  6. 6. Let the faster one go

  7. 7. Stick to the rules

  8. 8. Listen to your body

  9. 9. We are here for each other

    10. Don't forget to enjoy running

The ten safety tips apply both to the race itself and the preparation, as well as to things around it – cooperation, empathy, fairness are some of the factors that will ensure a safe and undisturbed course of the race for all of us.

Thank you for your concern. Let's give security the green light together!