What awaits you on the track?

Activities, that you can already be looking forward to.

The race is approaching and soon we will all meet again after a year in the beautiful Šumava Mountains! In addition to the wonderful people at the handovers (who will surely prepare a lot of delicious food for you again :-) and the entire Vltava Run team, there will be a lot of interesting things waiting for you. What masterpieces have we in cooperation with our partners prepared for you?

Security has a green light

Kooperativa has prepared a lot for you this year. In her ten safety rules you will learn advice and tips on how to manage the race in good health and well-being, and in addition, you will be accompanied on the track by her typical announcements warning on dangerous places. But that is not all! You can look forward to a green photopoint! Don't forget to make a stop at Štola Josef. Our Vltava Run photo point will be waiting for you this time in Černá v Pošumaví. Smile Please! :)


RAJEC water will welcome you at 5 selected handovers with their spring water, which you can pour into your own container. But you can easily use the one you get at the start. Spring water is the basis of hydration during exercise and, in addition, a refreshing boost for body and soul! At selected locations, you will also have the opportunity to taste herbal energy from LEROS.

Vitamins for your strength

In Rožmberk, at the Rajec refreshment station, you will also find the EUC laboratory team, which will supply you with vitamins and magnesium in the form of effervescent tablets. You will be able to drink them immediately so that you are not bothered by cramps and are ready for the next sections!

Tracking application

Do you want to keep track of your teammates or opponents? You will be able to follow them in our polished application. As for the route, it is all recorded on mapy.cz so that you can walk through it and possibly download it to your sports watch or smartphone.

Disco show in České Budějovice

A candidate for this year's TOP relay? In České Budějovice, you can look forward to a super disco – trisco handover, where SONY will take care of the entertainment with their colorful equipment and tuned speakers. Some dance creations are good to film with the Xperia 5 smartphone, because it maintains focus on fast-moving objects. Redbulls will also be waiting for you for better endurance and fly through the night sections.

Overnight stay

If you don't want to spend the night under the open air and would prefer a fortified refuge, the gymnasiums in Hluboké nad Vltavou, Týn nad Vltavou a Vrané nad Vltavou. will be traditionally opened for you. Please keep quiet and especially leave the wheeled suitcases in the car! More than one sleeping runner will be thankful.

Competition for runners

Craft will entertain you, not only with its equipment for running, at the start and at the finish, but also on the route. In front of Vyšší Brod, you will help them move their bags and you will receive one as a reward, in Solenica they will open a refreshment stand and prepare a photo point. They're all heartthrobs, just like you ;).

First aid at handovers

Paramedics from the Red Cross will protect you along the track, and fully equipped first-aid kits containing bandages, plasters, allergy medicine, cooling sprays for the ankles, magnesium, quick sugars, etc. will be available at each relay. The service teams will also be equipped with first-aid kits, so don't be afraid to ask for help if you meet them on the route. We hope that none of you will have to take advantage of this offer, but you know – it's better to be prepared than surprised!

And what about toilets on the handovers?

This human need will be taken care of by our partner DEK, which can equip not only any building site with materials and services, but is already a necessary helper and space for relief for us. They will bring us toilets for the handovers! Yey :)

Look for Panda

At three selected handovers, a plush panda from WWF will be waiting for you – share your photo with the hashtag #WWFCR and you can win this mascot as a souvenir!

Beautiful track

And last but not least, we must not forget the beautiful nature, towns and villages through which the route leads. All of this would not be possible without the help of local partners, who help day and night with relays to make the race run smoothly. A big thank you also goes to the Povodí Vltavy and Forests of the Czech Republic for the fact that we can enjoy nature in its purest form.

Since this year is the tenth jubilee year, we are preparing a lot of news for you for the start and finish – but more on that next time :-) Are you looking forward to it?

PS: Is there something you miss on the relays? Let us know – maybe we can work it out :-)