Cars along the route

The race is coming!

And it’s time to go through several rules on logistics, so we can all fully enjoy the atmosphere without having to deal with any problems on our way to the hand-off points. This may be a bit long, but it really is packed with important information!

Each team must stick to the number of cars registered. Don’t have a car yet, or don’t want to get it dirty? Here’s our tip – rent it with CAR4WAY! Just remember that minibuses, buses, and RVs are banned, with the following three exceptions:

  • - Bus for our regular racers from the Leontinka foundation whom we admire and support,

  • - RV for the photographer from the Czech News Agency (ČTK),

  • - RV for our producer Míša who – with the help of Karavany Česko rental company – will monitor the race right from along the route day and night to ensure everything goes on smoothly.

Your RV is your best buddy? We totally get it! This time, though, we need to ask you to enjoy this passion on some other weekend. And Karavany Česko will make sure you’re comfortable when you do! ?

No car tag? No way!

Every car must have its assigned tag, which is a part of your starting pack, displayed visibly for the entire duration of the race. Cars without tags will be ordered by the organizer to leave the parking areas at the hand-off points. The parking tag must contain the driver’s mobile number. To make things even more transparent, you’ll get the blue Vltava Run logo, and that’s quite a thing as all year long we’ll be getting calls when you park somewhere illegally ?

Important parking rules

The hand-off zones can get really busy, so we’d like to ask you for the following:

  • - Obey the on-site coordinators when parking.

  • - Make 100% sure not to block access roads.

  • - Do not try to park the car as close to the hand-off point as possible.

  • - Do not park at crossroads by the hand-off points.

  • - There are special parking lots at the Černá v Pošumaví and Hněvkovice hand-off points where you can wait for your runners while checking their exact location in the Vltava Run app.

At the big hand-off points, only two cars per team are allowed for the time necessary to hand over the imaginary baton. Cars are allowed to arrive only 20 minutes prior to their runner’s expected time of arrival. If you have more time, feel free to stop and enjoy some local specialties, visit castles or chateaus along Vltava, find a safe spot to have a nap, but never block the hand-off points. Please remember that by doing so you’ll help the race go smoothly, and that’s we all want, right?

And how about parking at the finish of the race? Each car will be assigned a parking card for the area around the HAMR sports centre, with the spot specified on the back of the card. Please park in your reserved spots, as you won’t be allowed into any other parking lot. Please monitor the traffic around the finish line so you don’t miss the runners finishing the race! The traffic will be coordinated by the police and our security staff.

Every year we do our best to prevent traffic jams, but nothing is ever perfect. We do trust you, but there’s always someone who – in the heat of the moment – blocks access to the parking lot. This year, though, the Kooperativa insurance company will provide a parking team to organize parking at the busiest places – with handheld stop signs and whistles, of course! ? #bezpecnostma­zelenou (#greenlightfor­safety)

Enjoy the route, not a field!

We strongly recommend sticking to the detailed routes in the race instructions to travel between hand-off points. Thanks to Konica Minolta, you’ll have them printed out in each car. Please load the QR code to see the route online on – it doesn’t get any simpler than that! ? This will save you a lot of worries, time, and stress. At first sight, you may think other roads are better, but they may not be ready for this level of traffic. And dealing with a collision in the middle of a field is a terrible way to remember a fun race like this one! ?

Along the entire route, you’ll encounter our service cars from CAR4WAY, marked with our logo, so feel free to reach out to our colleagues if you need help. Of course, there’ll be our communication team as well, so don’t forget to smile and answer their fun questions. Who wouldn’t want to become a social network star, right? ?

Lost & forgotten items

Materials and production equipment will be transported from the warehouse to the start and finish of the race by red DEK vans – thank you DEK, we couldn’t do this without you! Every year, they also transport anything left behind at the start, so if you forgot something, don’t worry – you’re likely to find it at the production area or later in a photo album on FB where we’ll post all the items recovered during the race.

TIP: How to organize things in the car – an IKEA box for your trunk.

Best buddy? A gas station!

Preparation matters, especially with races like Vltava Run. The unexpected can happen at any time. For cases like this it’s always handy to have a gas station nearby. Our partner ČEPRO operates several gas stations along the route under the EuroOil brand, which is a partner of this year’s race.

And where can you be sure to find them?
Zdíkovec, Vlachovo Březí, Loučovice, Včelná, České Budějovice, Malšice, Písek, Petrovice, Kamýk nad Vltavou, Dubenec, Mníšek pod Brdy or Vrbova street in Prague. Quite a list, huh?

You can get top-quality fuel, have a cup of coffee or an energy drink or ask for services or help nearby. In Zdíkovec, Loučovice, and Dubenec, you can also refuel your car at night thanks to their automated services. In Včelná, Mníšek pod Brdy, and Prague, the shop is open until 10pm. Make sure to use the Srdcovka app and its well-arranged map with navigation to the nearest EuroOil gas station, so you don’t lose time looking for it yourself.

If you want to get fuel for a better price, use the SRDCOVKA card as well. Order it online and get up to 0.4 CZK off per litre of fuel. SRDCOVKA is a virtual card you can get once you register at srdcovka.euro­, offering several bonuses such as a due date postponed by up to three months depending on your settings, with no fees for its use or transactions.

EuroOil gas stations are ready to help get you and your car ready for the race!