For this year we have prepared a novelty for those who didn't make it to the main race and really wanted to run - VLTAVA RUN ČTYŘKA (4)!

Concentrated Vltava run in a small format! A team of 4 runners, 4 sections completed in pairs keeping the rule of hand-overs. We are running on 12th May 2024 in the morning from Rabyně to Branik. Limited edition for 50 teams. Who will join?

Four legs - in four - for four! 

Vltava Run 4 in a new, concentrated format of our run for Sunday morning. We start in the morning from Rabyně, you will get to Branik around noon. 

You will run the race in pairs, so each of you will run two sections. You have to run both through the handover and pass to the other two on your team! The time of the slower of the pair counts. One car is allowed, so you will also pass the car keys ;-)

So, you run and move on to the next handover, where you meet and hand over to the other two of your team - and so on until the end. The last 100 m you all run together, of course!

This run will not be easy! The three sections will be run on the classic route, but the last part will be specially trail-run for an even greater running experience - you won't have 32 sections behind you like the runners of the classic Vltava Run, so you'll get a good workout! But it will be beautiful :-) 

Entry fee 4.000 CZK (incl. VAT).

As part of the entry fee you will get the service you have been used to from us for years, a functional T-shirt and of course a medal at the finish. And enjoy the finisher's atmosphere with the Vltava River by your side!

For more information visit www.vltavarunctyrka.cz

Registration for the Vltava Run 4 will be on 22nd February 2024 at 11 am.